Town Investigative is a role roulette or role filler that will randomly choose any of the following roles depending on the settings.

Coroner: Checks a dead person for everyone they visited on every night up until their death, every role that visited them and their exact role.

Detective: Checks a person to see who they visit that night.

Coroner : Checks a dead person for everyone they visited on each night and every role who visited them. Particularly

Detective : Checks a person to see exactly who they visit. (Who they visit is unaffected by Beguilers or Bus Drivers. Tseful for finding Cultists.

he results will always show who they visit in the end.)

Investigator : Either checks a person's crime records or their exact role depending on the settings.

Lookout : Checks a person to see the names of everyone who visited them that night. Options let it target itself.

Sheriff : Checks a target for their alignment. (Town/Mafia/Triad/Serial Killer/Arsonist/etc)

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