Target Priority is simply decide who is the most important target and decide what to do against him/her (Blackmailing, Just Straight killing him, Frame him, Disguise and so on).

Killing a Doctor early in the game when there's no confirmed Town for him to heal can be a waste. Rather spend your night attack on a random target in hopes of hitting a Town Investigative or Town Power role.

Applicable Situations

  • If You have found a Sheriff it might be better to blackmail him instead of killing him, making him unable to say anything.
  • When Disguising, it is important to know what the target is and how to act so you just dont get a random role and suddenly act suspicious.
  • For Example, targeting Doctors for death or role-blocking will be helpful, but Blackmailing one will be useless, because they are normally quiet.
  • In the same way, it is important to not target a Veteran since you will probably die due to the night alerts the veteran has.


  • Fewer wasted attacks on protected targets.


  • Clever Townies may predict this and protect these targets.


  • Note that some targets will require being blocked, but not killed, and vice versa. Targets need to be categorized into "Should Blackmail", "Should Kill", etc.