The -suicide command is not only for griefing, it can be used in desperate situations as a last resort. Being in a situation where using the -suicide command is a good idea probably mean it isn't going to be so good for you, and performing suicide can be very risky, but the risk can be worth it if you can turn the tide in favor of your team.

Applicable Situations

Suicide can be used for extreme situations. For example:

  • Mason Leader - Recruitment attempts needed.
    • If the Mason option "Becomes Leader if alone" is enabled, and there is a Mason, the Mason Leader can commit suicide so the Mason becomes Mason Leader, as he'll then get a new full amount of recruitment attempts.
  • Executioner - If there are Cultists in play, committing suicide after getting your target lynched is a good way to ensure victory. Just make sure you don't have to survive to the end.



  • Committing suicide leaves your team with one person less on your team.