Introduction is the official webpage of the Starcraft II Mafia Community.

Forum Sections

Meeting Hall

Meeting Hall is the general section for and contains a number of forums dedicated to various topics related to forum news and other discussion not strictly related to the SC2 Mafia mod or Forum Mafia.


The News forum is focused on important site information and announcements, including, but not limited to previews of upcoming Forum Mafia games and rule changes.

General Discussion

The General Discussion forum (called "GD" for short) is the catch-all forum on the site where off-topic and discussion unrelated to SC2Mafia or Forum Mafia can be posted. There are a number of subforums in GD including:

Personal Forums

The Narrator

Answer Hall


Mafia Discussion

Mafia Player Reports

Forum Mafia

Mini Forum Mafia

Simple Forum Mafia

Forum Mafia Parking

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