The way 'Lynch Timing' works is based on the idea that the Mafia and Cultists will almost never vote up their own. In addition, they are less likely to vote guilty on their own teammates. It is harder to see because it is not directly stated on who doesn't vote for the trialed person, but a reverse elimination will tell you this as well. However, the first aspect is always more reliable then the second.

Serial Killers, Arsonists, and Mass Murderers tend to jump on the bandwagon later, while Survivors, Witches, Amnesiacs, and Executioners (assuming their target is lynched) tend to never vote at all.

There can be situations as well where players are silent (pretending "AFK" for example), but are using their votes (voting up people to trial, guilty/innocent) - this also may indicates that those players are evil, but can also direct that it's a silent Doctor or a Jailor

Applicable Situations


  • Any WIFOM that could be applied to this is very dangerous to Mafia and Cultist Roles. Unless they're the one accusing, there's no reason to vote up a teammate.
  • This strategy lasts through multiple days, as the records of a vote are kept in the chat log.


  • Worst comes to worst, that a Vigilante or Jailor will shoot/execute someone that is acting suspiciously.