When you have been voted up to trial by the Town, you must provide a good defense or else you are likely to be lynched. Therefore, it is important to know how to provide a Good Defense to the Town that will give you the best chance possible of being acquitted. This is true regardless of whether you are Town (in which case, you should generally be as honest and forthcoming as possible) or if you are scum (in which case, you will need to make up a plausible role claim and some Night Feedback that could be true).

The one exception to this rule is the Jester, whose goal is to be lynched by the Town. Generally speaking, Jesters should not make Good Defenses, though they should be wary of being too obviously evil / useless that the Town might suspect they could be a Jester and not lynch them for that reason. Please consult the Jester page further discussion on this topic.

Elements of a Good Defense

Most players believe that these elements are crucial to providing a Good Defense:

Role Claim

  • This means clearly and quickly stating your role to the Town.
  • In the current meta, many players will automatically vote guilty to anyone on trial who does not provide a Role Claim. At the very least, not claiming a role will be considered anti-Town behavior and reduce the chances of any players having sympathy for you. In this case, players will believe you have something to hide and given you have been voted to trial, may assume the worst (that you are scum).

Provide Information / Night Feedback

  • In addition to your role, you should provide the Town with any information that you have received at night (Night Feedback), including but not limited to any players that you have checked / visited, the results of those checks / visits, and anything that has happened to you at night.
  • Typically, most players provide this information in the form of a Last Will because it allows the Town to review and verify your claims systematically. Also, maintaining a Last Will is considered a pro-Town move.
  • Often times, players who do not have any information / Night Feedback to provide to the Town are deemed to be liars, given the large number of Power Roles (i.e. Town with a night ability) in SC2Mafia games. Therefore, unless your role claim is one that could not possibly have Night Feedback (for example, a Mayor or Marshall), not providing the Town with any information (or at least suspicions of other players) is another way to increase the chances of being lynched.

Elements of a Bad Defense

In contrast, Bad Defenses / defense that will increase the chances of you being lynched often incorporate some of these elements:

Ad Hominem Attacks

  • Insulting the Town, suggesting that the Town has failed for voting you up to trial, or otherwise directing personal attacks does not tend to be effective. The only possible way this may spare you of a lynch is if the Town believes you are a Jester and overcompensating in order to get yourself lynched.

Refusing to Role Claim / Provide Information or Night Feedback

  • As stated above, a lack of Role Claim or Night Feedback is often a sign of scummy behavior (since scum would need to make up a Town role and Town-oriented leads).
  • Therefore, even if you are scum, it is helpful to put together a "cover story" -- i.e. make up a plausible role claim that could exist in the setup and make up a Last Will that seems realistic enough and which does not conflict with other information that has already been revealed by other players in the game.
  • For example, if three other players have claimed Investigative roles, if you are scum, you should probably consider pretending to be an Protective role or Power role instead.

Trolling Generally

  • When you have been voted up to trial, you are in a very vulnerable position as it would only take one guilty vote (with the rest abstaining) to get you lynched. This is not the time to troll unless you are a Jester and are attempting to get yourself lynched.