Forum Mafia games on are divided up into three different categorizes based on the number of participants in the game itself. From smallest to largest, these three categories of Forum Mafia games are:

Each category has slightly different rules in terms of number of players, hosting requirements / process, use of anonymous accounts, and number of games which may be hosted at the same time. If you are new to Forum Mafia, you will generally want to start by playing an S-FM because they are the simplest of the three types and the most newcomer friendly overall.

A more detailed description of the three game types is provided below for your reference. To the extent you have questions about a Forum Mafia game in particular (rules, gameplay, etc.), you should reach out directly to the game's host or to the Forum Mafia Liaison, Orpz.

Simple Forum Mafia Games (S-FMs)

Simple Forum Mafia Games (S-FMs) are the smallest and simplest of the three Forum Mafia game types with anywhere between 3-13 players participating per game. That said, many players enjoy them more than M-FMs or FMs because of their small size, which allows the players to get to know each other well and progress into the game more quickly. In addition, the hosting / playing requirements for S-FMs are very low, which makes them very approachable for newcomers. Setups, signups, and the S-FM games themselves are hosted in the S-FM subsection of the forum.

Please consult the S-FM page for further information on this type of Forum Mafia game.

Mini-Forum Mafia Games (M-FMs)

Mini-Forum Mafia Games (M-FMs) comprise the "medium-sized" Forum Mafia games with anywhere from 14-20 players participating per game. Because of the additional players in an M-FM, M-FM games tend to run longer than S-FMs and there may be a lot of posts in the early days of the game. Because of the increased size and complexity of M-FMs, Anonymous Accounts are typically (but not always) used by hosts running them. In addition, unlike S-FMs, M-FMs are run far less frequently than S-FMs and potential setups must be selected in a poll in order to be hosted.

Please consult the M-FM page for further information on this type of Forum Mafia game.

Forum Mafia Games (FMs)