Bussing is a term used to describe when one of the Mafia leads a lynch against another Mafia member to gain the trust of the Town while frequently False Claiming a role as Sheriff or Investigator. Bussing is a risky ploy that may backfire leaving the Mafia two members down or lead to a complete landslide victory.

Applicable Situations

Bussing is almost exclusively used early game, although has applications in the late game. Some examples of relevant times include:

  • If the Godfather is able to kill without a Mafioso (dependent on settings), it may be advantageous for the Mafia to Bus the Mafioso so the Godfather can claim Sheriff or Investigator early game and announce anyone not in the Mafia as innocent until the number of players reach a critical point (the ratio of Mafia:Town/Anti-Mafia Neutral must equal N:N+2). At this point the Godfather can falsely claim an undetermined player as Mafia allowing Mafia to kill the next night reaching equal number of Mafia to Anti-Mafia. Almost a certain victory for the Mafia (can be overturned by killing roles such as Vigilante, Jester if lynched, and Serial Killer or the Mayor.)
  • Under certain situations late game, such as with a Mayor, Bodyguard or Doctor, and Investigator still in play against a Consigliere and any other Mafia, the Mafia might be able to pull a victory if the Consigliere Busses the other Mafia member and False Claims or Counter-Claims the Investigator role. By Bussing, the ratio of Mafia to Town will be 1:3. During the night, the Consigliere will become Mafioso under most settings and can target the Bodyguard or Doctor. During the following day, they can convince the Mayor to vote against the actual Investigator, leaving only the Mayor to kill at night and securing the win.
  • If an Investigator has been found and the Godfather is at risk of being lynched the next day, having the Godfather kill the Investigator and revealing him the next day will secure the Consigliere within the town.


  • The Mafia member doing the bussing gains huge trust with the Town and can even get Town members that claim the Busser is Mafia lynched.
  • Bussing helps create confusion during Counter-Claim situations.


  • Leaves the Mafia one player down (the one Bussed).
  • If the player being Bussed doesn't seem to resist being lynched, it may lead to the player doing the Bussing being lynched next.
  • If the Mafia does not agree to the plan ahead of time, the player being Bussed may reveal the rest of the Mafia to the Town out of spite (Alternatively, the Mafia can plan ahead and have the Bussed player "reveal" members of the Town as Mafia).